Our purpose

We help global insurance groups to pursue growth and innovate new products by allowing them to release capital and remove cost stranded in their legacy insurance portfolios.

The life insurance industry has played a valuable role in society, protecting individuals from sudden financial vulnerability and helping them save for future needs, such as retirement.

In order to maintain this role, insurers must invest in order to innovate products and services.

Insurers can do this efficiently if they are able to release capital and cost from their historic products and operations. For this to happen, they need a partner who can provide a safe, permanent home for the life insurance policies sold in the past.

Resolution provides a safe and reliable partner for insurers as they re-structure. We do this by:

  • Focusing on existing customers, rather than seeking expansion by new sales
  • Delivering policyholder benefits in a secure, well capitalised environment
  • Returning capital over time to our institutional investors in the form of a steady dividend yield