Lincoln Benefit Life

Lincoln Benefit Life

Resolution Life’s acquisition of Lincoln Benefit Life Company (LBL) from Allstate Life Insurance Company was completed on April 1, 2014, following approval from the Nebraska Department of Insurance.

Insurance policies and contracts sold by LBL through the independent brokerage channel remain with and are fully supported by LBL. Those policies and contracts sold through the Allstate Financial agency system are reinsured to and supported by Allstate Life Insurance Company.

In 2006, the variable annuity contracts sold by LBL were reinsured by Prudential Life Insurance Company of America and continue to be supported by Prudential. More information regarding the regulatory approval process may be found on the Nebraska Department of Insurance website.

Following are answers to frequently asked questions regarding the acquisition of LBL.


What are the changes for policyholders?

Very little has changed for most policyholders since the acquisition. Policies continue to be held with LBL, and policies that are re-insured back to Prudential or Allstate are serviced by Prudential or Allstate.

Are policies safe?

LBL continues to be regulated by the Nebraska Department of Insurance, and is committed to serving its policyholders and their families with dependable, high-quality service and comply with all regulatory requirements, such as capital requirements and investment restrictions. LBL also participates in the guaranty association system, as it did prior to the acquisition, which provides an added layer of security to policyholders.

Do policyholders continue to have privacy protection?

LBL is a U.S.-domiciled insurer and, as such, U.S. privacy laws apply. Privacy is very important and LBL maintains safeguards to ensure the privacy of its policyholders.

How do customers contact LBL? 

Contact information for LBL policies and contracts is maintained on the Contact page, or on the Contact Us page of



What does this acquisition and a closed-block mean for Independent Brokers?

While brokers can no longer sell LBL products, existing policyholders who purchased policies through the independent brokerage channel continue to receive the high quality of service to which they are accustomed. As a servicing agent, you can continue to look after your clients’ needs.

Can I still access current accounts?

Selling agencies remain the agent of record and their organizations continue to have access to policyholder information. You will remain a servicing agent for the lifetime of the policies, unless instructed otherwise by the policy owner.



Is LBL governed by state insurance rules? Is the Nebraska Department of Insurance its primary regulator?

LBL is domiciled in Nebraska and is subject to regulation by the Nebraska Department of Insurance. Even though LBL is no longer selling new policies, LBL maintains its licenses in all states as prior to the acquisition. As a licensed company, LBL is considered an admitted insurer.



Where are Resolution Life’s U.S. offices located?

Resolution Life has offices in Chicago, Illinois; Lincoln, Nebraska and Stamford, Connecticut.

Why was Resolution Life chosen to acquire LBL?

When Allstate made the decision to sell LBL, they looked for buyers that demonstrated the following critical criteria: established quality of service, integrity and financial strength, a fair price and demonstrated willingness to work with Allstate during a transition period to ensure there was no gap in product availability for Allstate policyholders. Resolution Life met those criteria.

Please refer to the About Us sections of for further background on Resolution Life.

What is the financial strength of Resolution Life?

Resolution Life is a private U.S. company with institutional investors, such as pension funds and life companies.

Lincoln Benefit Life’s capitalization level is subject to regulatory approvals. LBL is rated by two major rating agencies.