Lincoln Benefit Life

Lincoln Benefit Life

Resolution Life has completed the process of acquiring Lincoln Benefit Life Company (“LBL”) from Allstate Life Insurance Company. Ownership of LBL was transferred on April 1, 2014 to Resolution Life after approval was received from the Nebraska Department of Insurance.

Insurance policies and contracts sold by LBL through the independent brokerage channel will remain fully supported by LBL. Those policies and contracts sold through the Allstate Financial agency system will be reinsured to and supported by Allstate Life Insurance Company. In 2006, the variable annuity contracts sold by LBL were reinsured by Prudential Life Insurance Company of America and will continue to be supported by Prudential. More information regarding the regulatory approval process may be found on the following website: Nebraska Department of Insurance.

For more information on Lincoln Benefit Life, see the Frequently Asked Questions.


What does this mean for policyholders?

For the majority of policyholders, very little will change. Policies will continue to be held with LBL and policies that are re-insured back to Prudential or Allstate will be serviced by Prudential or Allstate.

Resolution Life and Allstate Life Insurance Company have agreed to a Transitional Agreement whereby Allstate will continue to provide service to the policyholders for 12-to-18 months. After the transition period, policy service and administration will be provided by industry-leading third-party administrators under the direction of LBL’s management. Before any changes are made, LBL will write to brokers and policyholders.

Will policies be safe?

LBL will continue to be regulated by the Nebraska Department of Insurance. Resolution Life is committed to serving its policyholders and their families with dependable, high-quality service and will comply with all regulatory requirements, such as capital requirements and investment restrictions. LBL will continue to be covered by the same financial guarantee associations as prior to the acquisition.

Will policyholders continue to have privacy protection?

LBL is a U.S.-domiciled insurer and, as such, U.S. privacy laws continue to apply to it. Privacy is very important to Resolution Life and it will maintain safeguards to ensure the privacy of its policyholders.

Will we have a facility to contact? Will we be able to get access to information to service?

Yes, there will be no changes in this regard. LBL will retain its existing name while its parent company will become Resolution Life. The current telephone numbers will also remain the same. If these should change in the future, all agents and policyholders will be advised of the new number.


Policyholder Service

Where will in-force business be serviced?

Allstate Life Insurance Company will continue to service in-force LBL business sold through the independent brokerage channel using its current operations in Lincoln and Chicago during the 12-to-18 month transition period when administration is transitioned to Resolution Life.

After this transition period, LBL will provide a similar service through its chosen third-party policyholder service administrator. Resolution Life has committed that much of this will be delivered from Nebraska.

Will we have access to in-force forms and what kind of support will be provided?

You will have online access to forms, as well as be able to contact us by phone and mail during the period when Allstate transitions business to Resolution Life. LBL will provide the same service after the transition period, but  access will be provided via an LBL website rather than via



What does this mean for Independent Brokers?

While brokers will no longer be able to sell LBL products, existing policyholders who purchased policies through the independent brokerage channel will continue to receive the high quality of service to which they are accustomed. As a servicing agent, you can continue to look after your clients’ needs. In addition, current commission arrangements will remain in place.

Will I still be able to access current accounts?

Selling agencies will remain the agent of record and their organizations will continue to have access to policyholder information in the same way they have access today. You will remain a servicing agent for the lifetime of the policies.

What changes can I expect?

During the transitional period, we expect it to be very much business as usual. As we move to our chosen third-party administrator, there may be some changes regarding contact numbers. We will inform you of that change when we have confirmed it.

Will brokers continue to receive the same renewal and commission fees? Will their contracts be the same as they are today?

There will be no change to the renewal commissions. While brokers will no longer be able to sell LBL products, all contractual terms will remain the same.



Will LBL be governed by state insurance rules? Will its primary regulator still be the Nebraska Department of Insurance?

LBL is domiciled in Nebraska and is subject to regulation by the Nebraska Department of Insurance. Resolution Life has no intention to re-domesticate LBL to another state. Even though LBL will no longer be selling new policies, LBL intends to maintain its licenses in all states in which it is currently licensed. As a licensed company, LBL will be considered an admitted insurer.

Regulatory approval is required for Resolution Life’s acquisition of LBL. Resolution Life is working with Allstate Life Insurance Company and the Nebraska Department of Insurance and expects the transaction to close following customary regulatory approval.



Where are Resolution Life’s U.S. offices located?

Resolution Life will have offices in Chicago, IL, Lincoln, NE and Stamford, CT.

Why was Resolution Life chosen to acquire LBL?

When Allstate made the decision to sell LBL, they looked for buyers that demonstrated the following critical criteria: established quality of service, integrity and financial strength, a fair price and demonstrated willingness to work with Allstate during a transition period to ensure there was no gap in product availability for Allstate policyholders. Resolution Life met those criteria.

Please refer to the About Us sections of for further background on Resolution Life.

What is the financial strength of Resolution Life?

Resolution Life has established a permanent capital structure that aligns its long-term commitment to the U.S. market with the investment horizon of its leading institutional investors and the duration of underlying life insurance policies. The company is supported by significant investor commitments.

Lincoln Benefit Life’s capitalization level is subject to regulatory approvals. Resolution Life has engaged in a rating process with at least one major rating agency.